Organic from the ground up

McKaskle + Chipotle


In our opinion, the root of all things real and good is a generous scoop of organically grown rice. It’s the foundation of every bowl, burrito, and salad. So you better believe we didn’t choose just any rice for the job. McKaskle upholds the highest standards in growing, harvesting, and processing their grains.

The McKaskle family and Chipotle have a long history of helping each other be better. On one hand, Chipotle helped McKaskle through the transition from conventional to organic farming, a process that takes three costly and labor-intensive years. On the other, McKaskle provided Chipotle with the best organically-grown long-grain rice there is.

Some seriously great grains

At McKaskle, you’ll find every kind of organically farmed grain under the sun. Even popcorn.

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