Treating cows right since 1916

Meister + Chipotle


At Chipotle, dairy is a big deal. But making sure the cows that dairy comes from is treated right? Now that’s an even bigger deal. That’s why we work with cheesemakers like Meister. Their cows venture into the great outdoors every day, weather permitting, of course. For four generations, Meister has been crafting world-renown artisan cheese. This year, they won four best-in-class awards at the world championship cheese contents, including Chipotle’s own Monterey Jack.

The relationship between Meister and Chipotle was formed over something rare: a legendary block of Aged Monterey Jack. Crafting cheese with integrity is kinda Meister’s thing, and luckily, serving it is Chipotle’s. Together, we worked to create the Cows First Program. Through this, Meister works with farmers who follow only the highest standards when it comes to their cows’ health and comfort.

Taste their cheese for yourself

If we know one thing, it’s that this family-owned farm know how to make a good block (or wheel) of cheese. 

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