Raising Animals With Care®. Raising the Bar.

Niman Ranch + Chipotle


At Chipotle, we believe that the way animals are raised has a direct impact on how the meat tastes. That’s why our Carnitas come from Niman Ranch Certified Humane® pigs that spend their lives on pasture or rooting in deeply bedded barns.

Steve Ells, Chipotle’s founder, visited Niman Ranch’s first hog farm in 1998 and saw the difference for himself. We have proudly served Niman Ranch ever since.

Niman Ranch and Chipotle have partnered together on more than just Real Food. They’ve also joined forces to help support the Niman Ranch Next Generation Foundation, which provides scholarships to young farmers and future sustainable agriculture leaders.

Raised With Care® tastes real good

Niman has some of the highest and most humane standards for their animals out there. Try their fresh beef, pork, bacon, and more.

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